Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives

        MSU, a world-class university in Southern Philippines.

        A renowned learning institution in industrial technology and related fields in Southern Philippines.

        MSU-MSAT shall provide the manpower required by the technological sector of the local and global economy through its quality programs in instruction, research, extension and production.

    1. To rationalize curricular offerings by aligning   them to respond to changing industrial technological   needs and conditions, and to meet national and international standards.
    2. To provide quality and relevant technical and technological knowledge, skills and competencies to ensure the employability of graduates locally and abroad.
    3. To provide leadership and expertise in the area of industrial technology for socio-economic development.
    1. To promote and engage in quality research studies responsive to local and global technological needs.
    1. To conduct community-based skill training activities in order to develop technical knowledge, skills and attitudes among the individuals in the community.
    2. To enhance linkages and involvement in community development through extension services.
    1. To engage in production projects and activities in industrial technology and related fields to generate sustainable income.