Philosophy, Mission and Purpose


The Mindanao State University shall, in the pursuit of its mission, be committed to the total development of man and to the search for truth, virtue and academic excellence.


  • To provide a relevant and integrated system of equality general education that will promote national identity, cultural consciousness, moral integrity and spiritual vigor;
  • To produce a supply of quality manpower required for regional as well as for national development;
  • To engage in research and extension activities that will lead to economic upliftment of the surrounding communities; and
  • To help humanity live a superior life.


  • In addition to the traditional function of instruction, research and extension services, the University shall promote and accelerate the economic, political and sociocultural development of rural tribal communities and facilitate their integration into the mainstream of the national body politic.
  • In brief, the University acts as an instrument for national policy formulation in addition to its traditional function as an institution of higher learning.